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Welcome to The Woo Show Blog! Like Dave Chappelle? In Living Color? SNL? Whose Line Is It Anyways? You will love The Woo Show! Yes, its The Woo Show coming strait out of Toronto Canada. Here you can follow the cast and crew on their own, personnal blogs!!! Isn't technology great?!?!

The Woo Show is:

Cassius Crieghtney
Steve Kassan
Jean Jacques Durocher
Trevor Crane
Ian Kelk
Kayode The Entertainer
Julia MacPherson
Nunu Noonez
Kevin T. Graham
Shailene Emily Garnett
Morgan Torell

Created By: Rodney Woo
Produced by : WeShine Productions

Watch all the crazy action on YouTube

Or you can follow us ONLINE!!

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2010 Winter Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies...EPIC FAIL!!! right now, I m watching the olympic winter games opening ceremony. And all I have to say is WOW...what and EPIC FAIL... Now as a canadian...I m going to appo...more

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Drunken Beaver Productions--DBP!

We are here at The Woo Show like to help out our peoples. Case in point, Drunken Beaver Productions

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